Right Coast Sessions was founded in 2017 with the sole purpose of getting people excited about the things we love. Owner, John Morgan was born and raised in North Carolina. He grew up skating in the early 80's during the Bones Brigade era, surfing came soon after. When John graduated from college, he and two friends started Eastern Edge Surf Shop. Owning the surf shop led to making a lot of friends and industry contacts while providing a source of products to eastern NC. After six years of running the business, John decided to leave the shop and move closer to the beach here in Wilmington to pursue a new career and opportunity with Eastern Skateboard Supply. He was a sales rep for Eastern for almost 14 years. In 2008, while at ESS his son was born which was a game changer. John left ESS and Right Coast Sessions was born out of a vision. To give back to the sports that have given so much to me since the 80's, Skateboarding and Surfing. We are "Carving the Future of Boardsports" by teaching and passing on our stoke to the youth of today.