Spring Break Skate Camp

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1 person - $350


1 Week - 8am to 2pm


One week skateboarding camp.  We will visit a different location daily.  For beginner to advance skateboarders.  100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Spring Break 2022: 

Week 1: March 28th - April 1st

Week 2: 

Week activities  

A lot of skateboarding!  Parks visited: Carolina Beach Skatepark, Ogden Skatepark, Greenfield Grind Skatepark, The Space, Apex Skatepark, Atlantic Beach Skatepark, Eastern Skate Supply, Elizabethtown Ramp, The Skate Barn, Myrtle Beach Skatepark, Backyard Ramps/bowls, not all locations will be visited, however, we have options.

What to bring  

Skateboard, Helmet, Knee, Elbow, Wrist guards, Extra T-shirt (for heat) and Sunscreen.

What is provided  

Mizu water bottle, water, healthy snack, lunch (not fast food), gatorade, a Right Coast Session package, transportation and entry to the parks.  Skateboard and pads available upon request.

What to expect

1 week of skateboarding

Certified and insured business

Meet new friends and have a great experience

Professional staff

Take your skills to the next level